Welcome to Branan Edgens Makeup Effects. I first became interested in FX makeup in 2nd grade when I noticed that dried Elmers glue look and felt like human skin. After pigmenting it with flesh colored crayon shavings I began applying it to the skin to build-up 3D skin effects. Soon enough I was creating nasty wounds on neighborhood friends, frightening their mothers and being asked not to play with their son anymore.

The next several years was an a golden age for me. I was utterly obsessed with FX and spent every waking moment learning the techniques such as Lifecasting and foam latex mold construction. I had to learn everything through trial and error (there were no books on the subject back then) By the time I was 16 I was a student of Oscar winner Dick Smith who mentored me and filled in all the gaps in my knowledge. I now employ the very latest in FX technology and stay current on the fantastic new silicone materials.
Sculpting a demon prosthetic
Since then I have had the privledge of turning my childhood facination into a bonafide career. I truly come alive on a film set and take great pride in providing filmmakers with my very best. I especially enjoy working closely with directors to help them achieve their vision with the maximum fidelity and minimum cost. Going overboard is the only way I know how to work.
Lifecasting for living doll video
Pigmenting the silicone intrinsically with silicone pigments and flocking fiber lends an amazing realism to a prosthetic.
I can be reached at brananedgens@earthlink.net or at 917-593-9117.