In 2005 I got a gig doing Special FX makeup for Shirin Neshat's Zarin. It was a challenging production made all the more challenging by Morocco's corrupt customs office. They wouldn't release my FX materials to me without a huge bribe so I found myself working without my usual supplies and resorting to very primitive techniques to get the job done. I spent a fair amount of my time being driven around Marrakech looking for Dentist offices where I could procure alginate and hardware stores for plaster and latex. My usual solvents were nowhere to be found either so I resorted to using very dangerous carbon tetrachloride. The nature of the effects can be seen in the clips below. The story concerns an Iranian prostitute having a nervous breakdown in which men's faces become unrecgonizable and alien.


After working in Marrakech for a few weeks Sharon, who had arrived a week into production to work as my assistant, and I did some sight seeing. We toured the Atlas mountains where I discovered you can have hot tea brought to you even when in the middle of nowhere and that the entire countryside reeked of spices: Mint, Rosemary, Tumeric, it is the land of spices afterall...

We then went to a sleepy little coastal town called Esaouira where we road camels to a small village called Diabat that Jimi Hendrix wanted to buy and turn into a commune. It is Diabat's one and only claim to fame. Go here for the photos!