Thanks for visiting our travel page. As a filmmaker I take every opportunity to see and film the world - Then Ipost the results here so you can see the world as I see it: fully of variety and beauty. I'm the video side of the team while Sharon is the writing side. She has won several grants to supporther travel writing. We dream to some day get paid to do what we both love the most: travel to new and interesting places and then tell the world about it. Please enjoy the videos with the * asterisk first! These were made with greater care than some of the others.  

Morocco, 2005

Puerto Rico , 2006

Sequoia. October 2006

Wedding August 18th, 2007*

Alaska July, 2007**

Adirondacks September, 2007

Sailing August 2007

Catskills October 2007

Yellowstone February, 2008*

Namibia, May, 2008**

Hawaii, August, 2008**

Laos, Cambodia, Korea, Thailand, December 2008 ***

Big Bend, Texas, February, 2009*

British Virgin Islands, May 2009